Design Studio

We possess a design studio with an experienced and professional team of designers. Our team of experienced designers will provide detailed trend insight and work with youto develop beautiful textile designs specific to your brand. Through Saadhya, you’ll have access to a whole team of designers who can bring their knowledge and expertise to the table.


We have separate sampling department who work closely with buyers to make sure the sample development fulfillsthe buyer’s requirementwhich makes us easy to bring out the desired outcome for the bulk production.


We coordinate with dyeing units facilitated with automated cabiner hank Yarn dyeing units exceeding an operational capacity of 85,000 kgs of yarns per month.The unit is 100% environment friendly with zero Effluent Discharge and has an added feature of reverse osmosis system in water treatment.


Weaving is the perfect way to transform a yarn stash into something spectacular. Our controlled handloom society is capable of producing 1,50,000 pieces of placemats and 40,000 mtrs fabric per month.We work with auto loom infrastructure can exceed production capacity of 3,00,000 meter/month of wider width fabric upto 320cm.

Digital Printing Unit

At Saadhya, we have digital printing machine to print on fabric. As a result of our digital printing unit, we produce faster sampling with accurate designs and colors.Digital printing is a far more sustainable option since it uses less energy, produces less waste, and has a smaller carbon footprint overall. They provide a waterless printing system, using biodegradable ink and energy saving processes.There is no restiction in design,repeat size and colors in digital printing. We have production capacity of 50,000mts/month in a width upto 180cm.


At Saadhya We have a state of the art in-house stitching unit withwhich will give an output of 1,00,000 pieces to 5,00,000 pieces per month.We equipped with line supervisors and quality controllers monitoring the quality of sewing and finishing all the time there as ensuring all the buyer parameters are met.

Quality Checking

Every product undergoes a rigorous quality checking in order to avoid any defects and ensure their degree of compliance. Any defect found are reported at this stage therefore as to not compromise with the quality of the products. From testing the yarn to the quality of cartons used for packing, our quality assurance department is fully involved so that only the best is produced and delivered


We have a sufficient in house packaging team to look after the package and delivery process. No matter how bulk the order is, our expert team works cautiously and delivers the products at the right time. We also have a huge warehouse to store our products before it gets loaded in the containers.